As the hospitality insurance and risk services industry market leader, Entertainment Risk has a reputation of working with a select group of highly qualified brokers and agents who help you choose the best insurance solutions. With over 50 years of experience in the entertainment and hospitality insurance industry, our executive team prides themselves on their ability to provide creative solutions to your risk challenges. These core values have allowed us to establish long lasting mutually beneficial relationships between us and our brokers, agents and customers alike.



You can rest assured that by partnering with Entertainment Risk you are doing business with a company that thoroughly understands the nightlife sector. We will diligently work with you to procure the proper protections for your client and supplement those protections with a suite of services unparalleled in this industry.

Easily Accessible Risk

We take great pride in the unquantifiable value of our  extensive industry knowledge we deliver to our broker partners and clients, allowing them to benefit from our past experiences. We actively work with our partners to implement proactive risk management solutions in order to reduce the risk in an inherently risky industry.


Expeditious Claims

At Entertainment Risk, we realize that every second counts, which is why we are available 24/7 to help brokers with their clients’ needs, big or small. We pride ourselves on working with qualified brokers who take the time to explain to their clients the benefits of working with a partner who specializes in their class of business and understands their needs.

Entertainment Risk is part of the BlueSkyRisk family of companies. BlueSkyRisk is a niche industry insurance specialist, creating programs to help under - served areas in today's economy. Along with hospitality, BlueSkyRisk provides insurance for cannabis, loggers, cyber liability, and other industries. Find out more at BlueSkyRisk.