Why is Entertainment Risk the Market Leader of the Nightlife Hospitality Insurance Industry?

By September 5, 2017About Entertainment Risk

Why is Entertainment Risk the Market Leader of the Nightlife Hospitality Insurance Industry?


Entertainment Risk is the market leader in the nightlife hospitality insurance industry. I know. I know. You have probably heard or seen us say that 1000 times; but what really sets us apart from our competitors?? Well first and foremost, Entertainment Risk focuses exclusively on nightlife and entertainment. We breathe, eat, and sleep the nightlife hospitality insurance industry and can’t get enough. We’re the only managing general agent that provides a comprehensive suite of services with a tailored policy marketed towards the nightlife industry. When we say “nightlife industry,” we really mean that we focus on restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

Our risk appetite is the following:

  • Fine Dining, Dinner and Supper Theatre, and Casual Dining

  • Diners

  • Chain Restaurants (Chili’s, Applebee’s, Outback)

  • Mom & Pop Restaurants

  • Ethnic or Themed Restaurants

  • Sports Bar

  • Tavern/ Local Neighborhood Establishments (Dive Bars)

  • Tiki/Beach Bar

  • Saloon

  • Beer Garden

  • Pool Hall

  • Lounge

  • Live Music Venues

  • Brew Pub

  • Cocktail Bar

  • Comedy Club

  • Nightclub

  • Gentlemen/Ladies Clubs

  • Live Music Venue

  • Mixed Exposure Mega Venue

  • Entertainment Center

Solely focusing on the nightlife industry is not the only thing makes us the market leader. Our proactive claims and risk management services really diversify us from our competitors. We’ve seen a wide variety of claims so our extensive knowledge of the marketplace enables us to provide our customers with a product that can withstand even the most groundbreaking claims. Entertainment Risk is led by Chief Executive Officer Ted Nolan. Ted is responsible for directing the strategic development and implementation of Entertainment Risk’s growth initiatives, professional services and client relationships. He has spent much of his career focused on underwriting, consulting, and managing inside the structure of managing general agents. Time and time again he has seen insureds with severe losses that have been passively handled generalized claims and risk management policies leading to undesirable results. Ted took it upon himself to found Entertainment Risk and specialize in a niche market to provide protection where liability is clear and strategically fight where negligence is absent.

Okay, so our claims and risk management services are outstanding along with the fact that we only focus on the nightlife industry, but are those the only things that make us leaders in the market? We also like to make things easy for our brokers and their clients alike. There are only 24 hours in a day and Entertainment Risk is available to help brokers every second of the day with their clients’ needs, big or small. We don’t just work with any broker. We work with qualified brokers that take their time to explain to their clients the benefits of working with a partner who specializes in their class of business and truly understands their needs. Entertainment Risk truly values great service, ease of use, and the honesty and respect of our customer’s time, money, and trust. These factors make Entertainment Risk the market leader in the nightlife hospitality insurance industry.

As the market leader in providing risk transfer services to the nightlife industry, you can rest assured that by partnering with Entertainment Risk you are doing business with a company that thoroughly understands the nightlife sector. We will diligently work with you to procure the proper protections for your client and supplement those protections with a suite of services unparalleled in this industry. If you feel you’re a broker with that would benefit from a partnership with Entertainment Risk, then contact us today!

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