Insurance, adult entertainment and the Cardi B factor

By February 7, 2019Industry News

The stigma associated with adult entertainment has not disappeared, but attitudes have softened. As adult entertainment moves closer to the mainstream, the risk landscape is changing.

“A gentlemen’s club is not much different from any other nightclub,” according to Frank Nerney, EVP of underwriting for wholesale broker Entertainment Risk LLC. From an underwriting perspective, like any other bar or tavern, the principal exposures are slips and falls, the occasional fistfight, overzealous bouncers, and bartenders who serve intoxicated customers.

The stigma of adult entertainment is largely what sets adult clubs apart from other entertainment and drinking venues, according to Scott Wessing, EVP of risk services for Entertainment Risk. “It’s a class of business certain carriers just don’t want to be associated with,” he said.

Of course, not everyone is pleased to see adult entertainment move closer to the mainstream. Some communities try to combat adult clubs with restrictive zoning regulations. Local ordinances may prohibit alcohol in clubs featuring full nudity in an effort to reduce the appeal of adult entertainment. But the trend towards a more liberal attitude towards adult entertainment continues. “As adult entertainment becomes more acceptable, I think you’ll see more underwriters looking to get into this class,” said Entertainment Risk’s Wessing.

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