NYC Creative Footprint Initiative

By December 28, 2017Industry News
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NYC Creative Footprint Initiative

Have you heard of the Creative Footprint Initiative? If you haven’t “The Creative Footprint is an initiative by Berlin’s Club commissioner Lutz Leichsenring and Amsterdam’s Night Mayor Mirik Milan to catalog the nightlife in a certain city in the hope of taking away important info to protect cultural institutions, lobby key players and empower creative to keep the city’s vibrant nightlife alive.”[1] The city of choice, New York, and the initiative are working to create a two day workshop series that will bring together thoughts and ideas from varying levels of the industry from promoters to government representatives. Their campaign is looking for funding through crowdsourcing medium Kickstarter to gather and present data and host the conference.

The Nightlife industry is changing quickly in New York. Just last month the Cabaret Law was repealed and in August the New York City Council put in motion measures to create the Office of Nightlife. This initiative has the potential to progress New York’s nightlife and give a bigger voice to key players within the industry. More information on how you can help the Creative Initiative and their two day workshop can be found on their Kickstarter page.

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